TT New York, 1208 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda NY
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1208 Niagara Falls Blvd.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
TT New York, 1208 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda NY

Our History

Taglis Tailor (TT) was established in 1941 as a tailor shop in Downtown Buffalo, catering to the business professional, on a highly personal level. As a “mom & pop” establishment, customer service was their first priority.

In 1993, Taglis Tailor was passed on to Jimmylee Steinfeld, the current Designer/President of TT New York. As a graduate from Buffalo State College, with a degree in Business Administration, Jimmylee used his knowledge in business and his distinct eye for fashion, to bring about a company geared for the 21st century. Jimmylee turned Taglis Tailor into a custom design shop and began tailoring clothes for the “elite” of Buffalo with clients such as the former mayor, congressmen, bishops, professional sports players, entertainers, and more.

In 1998, Taglis became the first custom design tailor shop and dry cleaner to enter a mall.

In 2001, TT New York was opened as an upscale dress boutique with a custom design and tailoring shop on site that values the same level of one on one customer satisfaction as started in 1941.

In 2007, Jimmylee created his own line of dresses, Jimmylee Designs. The Jimmylee Designs line was designed with a fashion forward edge kept simple and elegant. Jimmylee Designs is sold exclusively at TT New York.

In 2011, Motivator was created by Jimmylee and his partner Ashley to help make women fit and feel even better in there dresses. The Motivator line is a shapewear line that offers support and unparalleled comfort to all women.

Most recently in 2024, after many successful years at their Boulevard Mall location, TT New York moved to a brand new, custom renovated location just across the street from the mall at 1208 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda New York. Pictured is Jimmylee and husband Ashley’s twin sons performing the ceremonial ribbon cutting surrounded by staff, family, and friends at the February 4th grand opening.

Hello Beautiful.

Meet Designer Jimmylee Steinfeld

Whether designing for icons like Aretha Franklin and Lenny Kravitz, to preparing young women from head-to-toe for the perfect prom experience, Jimmylee Steinfeld is known for his infectious ability to relate to people and empower them to feel their best inside and out.

Connecting with people has been a golden thread woven throughout Jimmylee’s storied career as a designer. It all began at Taglis Tailor, which was established in 1941 as a tailor shop in downtown Buffalo. Without losing sight of the shop’s personalized service, Jimmylee would go on to evolve the brand into a custom design house and eventually into the formalwear boutique, TT New York. As the exclusive carriers of Jimmylee Designs, this boutique in Tonawanda, New York continues to pay homage to its heritage through on-site custom design and tailoring – and critically, the energy, precision and love Jimmylee is famous for, continue to inform each guest experience.

And yet, there is likely no greater inspiration for Jimmylee than his own mother, whose Elizabeth Taylor-era glamor and self-love forever shaped his sense of confidence and perceptions of style and beauty. “If I had a skinny mom, I don’t think I would look at women the same way,” he says. “I look at women as the best creatures that God has created.”

Today, Jimmylee continues to infuse his uniuqe artistry, optimism and gift of connection to empower clients to feel extraordinary. “You can’t do everybody in one dress,” he laughs, “but I can do a dress for everybody.”