The Most Wearable Trends of 2013

Written by Nicole Garrity on . Posted in Fashion, Uncategorized

While 2013 slowly comes to a close, I wanted to recap some of the top trends we have witnessed this year. Some trends made a comeback while others just began and I am excited to see if they will continue into the New Year. Glamour Magazine did an article, written by Megan Gustashaw, of the “Spring 2013’s Most Wearble Fashion Trends” but I decided I would write about the top 5 to keep this blog short and simple. The first look the article says was a hit for 2013 was the Bermuda shorts, which run longer than normal shorts and hit just above the knee. Though Bermuda shorts were always a big hit for males, it appears that woman became bold and started rocking them both on the runway and on the streets. They are both comfortable and fashionable, pair it with a simply t-shirt to dress it down or a florescent blouse and heels to dress it up.


The second look Glamour recognized was the color black and white, every woman’s favorite color mixture. They called the colors combination “appropriate to wear year-round” and the facts are obvious. Black has always been the go-to color because it makes woman feel skinner, but add some white into the mix and it makes a normally dull black piece of clothing into something classy and fashionable. The combination has continued to remain one of the top trends for the past years and will probably be around for many more to come.bb410e46ed24d24ba60023e90d4517a4

One of the looks that have had a huge impact on fashion this year, which is also the third top trend of 2013, is peekaboo pieces. Anywhere you go to shop these statement pieces are hanging everywhere. From mesh cleavage to cut outs on the sides and back, this is a piece I can defiantly see in the New Year. Most little black dresses this New Year’s Eve will probably be sporting some sort of peekaboo.

The fourth top trend is something that has been around for generations and probably will remain for many more to come, statement sunglasses. Who can forget the black cat like sunglasses from the 60’s? As the years progress, the sunglasses get bigger and bolder. There are some with chunky gold chains hanging off them, or a funky design with bright colors. They are a fun accessory to make a simple outfit more vibrant! Add a bright pair of colored sunglasses to a plain outfit and it will give you that edgy look.

Lastly, the fifth trend that everyone is familiar with is bold stripes. Both men and woman are rocking the stripes for sweaters to full suits. In plain black and white, and now in bold colors also paired with black. You can wear stripes for any profession and for everyday casual wear. Check your closet and you probably have more than one stripped article of clothing. It’s a trend people love and continue to keep alive. From vertical stripes or horizontal, you can guarantee this trend will be around as long as fashion is. Knowing how many trends stuck around through 2013, I am excited to see if they will survive 2014 and also I can’t wait to see what new fashion trends the year has to offer everyone. If you want to see the other 5 trends I didn’t touch base on, check out Glamour Fashion on their website!

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