My Favorite Summer Nail Polish Colors

Written by Nicole Garrity on . Posted in Fashion, How To, Life, Uncategorized

If you are like me and always need to have your nails painted, then you understand when I say summer is the time to stock up on the nail polish!! With the warmer weather, I have to have my toes painted for all my open toe shoes and I always match my toes and nails! Here are my favorite nail polish colors for the summer!! xoxo




Coral- Coral is hands down one of the most popular colors this summer. I love it because it darkens your tan and just screams summer time.  

Shimmery Pink- Pink is one of the most popular colors no matter the time of year. It is a soft and sweet color that doesn’t stand out but doesn’t leave your nails bare.

White- I always love my toes painted white because its a color that helps you look tanner and it also can be paired with everything! White is another color that you can basically wear year-round because you can rock it with any color or style of clothing.   

Deep Blue- Even though dark blue isn’t a bright color, it is still popular for summer. Royal’s and indigo’s really stand out next to a black article of clothing. If you wear matching colored jewelry, you can turn an outfit into a totally different look! 

Orchid- Light purple, or orchid, is a nice summer color if you’re looking to branch out from the traditional pinks and corals. This is another color I like to leave on my toes all year since it is subtle and light. 

Bright Red- To me, red is a color that always gives off that classy vibe. Wearing a little black dress out? Red nail polish, red lipstick and red heels pair with the dress with have heads turning your way! 

Nude- Nude is one of the most popular colors this summer and I LOVE IT. You look like you aren’t even wearing nail polish but the nude gives your nails a healthy and glossy look. Add some sparkles to the tip to create a every-day look that you don’t need to change for every outfit!