My 2 rules to avoiding a fashion crisis

Written by Nicole Garrity on . Posted in Fashion, Uncategorized

Have you ever had a last minute dinner reservation or been invited to a wedding a few days before and have absolutely no idea what to wear? Well, I had a situation like that over the weekend. My family loves to make last minute decisions and on Saturday they gave me about an hours notice that we were going to Tempo for dinner.  Tempo is a five star restaurant on Delaware Ave in Buffalo, so you have to dress the part. Before panic mode stepped in I went to my closet and the crisis was adverted!  Follow my two rules to live by listed below and you can avoid a fashion crisis in this situation like I did!

Rule #1 Always have a versatile LBD/Go-To cocktail dress in your closet.

Thank goodness, I have a wide collection of TT New York cocktail dresses in my closet. Especially because my sister also needed a dress to wear.  TT New York’s dresses are so versatile, they work for both of us even though we have completely different ideas on what fashion should be. We both chose dresses that were from TT New York’s NikiBiki collection. As women we are constantly shopping even when we don’t have an occasion coming up. I don’t know how many times I have purchased a dress telling myself I will wear it somewhere just to have it sit in the closet, well it is crisis’s like this that make me happy I bought those dresses! If you make sure that you always have a spare dress in your closet for spur of the moment occasions like this, you will never have to stress out about what to wear last minute. If you have a simple LBD but want to make it look like you’ve never worn it before, follow rule #2 to complete a whole new look!

Rule #2 Always have Go-To statement accessories that can be added to any look.

Since my sister and I have opposite tastes in fashion she grabbed one of my favorite versatile LBD’s and added her own accessories completely changing the look! Thank goodness for TT’s classic styles!! Having a simple black cocktail dress that you can accessorize to make your own is always a great way to rock a new look every single time you wear it. I love to pair a LBD with chunky necklaces in fun colors like fuchsia or turquoise to make it more unique. Or you could style a bright colored or printed purse and matching pumps if you aren’t into accessorizing with jewelry. Throw on a black leather jacket, blazer or a trendy pea coat to seal the deal! If you want to play it safe, nude heels and a simple gold purse are always a great go-to idea. Remember, accessories are a girls best friend!


Crisis adverted!  Invest in your fashion future and you will never have nothing to wear!  If you don’t currently have a go-to dress in your closet or a favorite accessory for emergencies stop into TT New York today and let us help you!