Get A Work-Ready Look In 10 Minutes Or Less

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I am not a morning person and sometimes I find it really difficult to actually get myself ready for work each morning. Due to my failed attempts at waking up earlier to get ready, I have got myself down to a 10 minute routine that gets me out of the house in a snap! From both makeup and hair, I’m work ready in 10 minutes or less!!! Follow my tips to help you get out of the house in no time! Xoxo

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2 minutes: If I wake up with a serious case of bedhead, I brush out my ends to remove any obvious tangles. Then, to make up for the lack of actual shampoo, I apply dry shampoo to my roots. (TRESemme Dry Shampoo is my personal favorite)

2 minutes: Step away from the hot tools, there isn’t enough time for that.  If I’m looking for a quick and easy look, a braid or sock bun is a good and professional look I can get away with. My other trick is to shower at night and put my hair in either a low bun or braids. In the morning, I take down my hair to get natural beach waves. Any type of hairspray will help to hold the look all day.



1 minute: Wake up your complexion with a good old-fashion splash of cold water. As long as I thoroughly cleansed the night before, I can get away with just a rinse in the morning. Clean & Clear face moisturizer is something I like to apply after to keep my face nice and hydrated. (You can either exclude the moisturizer, or use your own product you prefer)

1 minute: While your chosen complexion is sinking in, I take a moment to apply mascara. (Here’s my little secret… Combine two different mascaras to thicken and elongate your lashes. Maybelline Colossal Volume and Maybelline Great Lash are my two favorite to combine.)

1 minute: Despite my love for pencil eyeliner, I always find that liquid works better and stays on longer. With one solid line, you will have hours or dark, bold eyeliner. (Revlon Color Stay works amazingly, and will last all day long)

2 minutes: I am not big on foundation, but sometimes office lighting can be unforgiving, so I do apply it under my eyes to get rid of the bags. If I feel like putting in a little more effort, I highlight my T-zone (Above the eyebrows and down the nose) to highlight my face. Rub on a small amount of bronzer to help highlight your T-zone.

1 minute: Take a final minute to make your finishing touches. A dab of blush on the cheeks, a dusting of finishing powder or bronzer, your signature perfume- and you’re off to work!


TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes