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Attention fashion followers!!

We recently made two new pages to reach specific groups of our clientele on Facebook and Instagram! Below we break down what each of those groups are about and how you can follow them. Be make sure that you go and follow both of these new pages to get all of the updates quicker! Remember to stay active with us so we can bring you the best shopping experience ever!

  1. Our Facebook we now has a group specifically for our #HOCO2018 shoppers to talk and discuss all things Homecoming 2018!  It is an interactive page that allows our members to ask questions and also post their own pictures! We want our shoppers to let us know what kind of style, color or pattern they have their heart set on! Our goal is to get the best collection of homecoming styles in our Boulevard Mall location so our shoppers find their perfect dress! Head on over to our Facebook page and join our group called “TT New York #HOCO2018”
  2. We’ve created a Instagram page specifically for our new squad called “TT TRIBE” that is dedicated to all of our fabulous customers in their TT New York dresses! It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, we still love to see all of our clients in their dresses! So please follow the page, use the hashtag #TTTRIBE and tag us in your picture to be featured on our page!

  • PROM IS NOT CANCELLED! In fact as we're speaking right now, there are already a number of parents in the community setting up private proms for a later date. We could really use your help as well in coordinating this private event for your children and their class.

    If each school can get 10 parents to start on their side I believe we can accomplish our goal of making sure everyone still has a prom this year. In order to keep costs low, it's time to try and bring the proms back to the school gyms as hosts. It may be difficult to convince the schools right now, but as this movement I'm going to call #PROMFOREVER gains traction, In the end it may break down into a few mini proms for a school instead of 1 big one as parents decide to host in their homes if they can't get the schools on board.

    This is going to take some work but we have the time to do it now. #PROMFOREVER. We need to get involved in the community! the limo companies, floral companies, live entertainment companies etc... Anyone who is normally involved in prom and would be affected if there was no prom.

    Many of you are thinking to yourself while reading this, yeah fat chance, you're a dreamer! But seriously THIS CAN HAPPEN. the question is are you going to be a part of it, or are you going to remain complacent and watch and see what others can do for you.

    One of the greatest joys I have in life and why I love this business so much is because I can have a thought transition into reality. I want you to enjoy this same feeling when this nonsense is all over. Not only are you going to save PROM but you are going to give so many young Americans the RIGHT THEY HAVE EARNED to experience this right of passage. This is an important step these young men and women need to take into the next stage of their lives.

    This is not a special time in human history. We have fought disease before and we will fight it again. It is through the resilience of our species that we overcome what is thought to be impossible.

    We are the Impossible
    We are Fighters
    We are Winners

    Please share with everyone.

    Let's get to work,
    TT New York

    At this time, TT New York Store and Customer Service office are temporarily closed. Customer service representatives will be monitoring inquiries off site but will not be able to check on order statuses until we reopen. If you need immediate assistance you can email customer service at

    Thank you and stay healthy.