My 2 rules to avoiding a fashion crisis

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Have you ever had a last minute dinner reservation or been invited to a wedding a few days before and have absolutely no idea what to wear? Well, I had a situation like that over the weekend. My family loves to make last minute decisions and on Saturday they gave me about an hours notice that we were going to Tempo for dinner.  Tempo is a five star restaurant on Delaware Ave in Buffalo, so you have to dress the part. Before panic mode stepped in I went to my closet and the crisis was adverted!  Follow my two rules to live by listed below and you can avoid a fashion crisis in this situation like I did!

Rule #1 Always have a versatile LBD/Go-To cocktail dress in your closet.

Thank goodness, I have a wide collection of TT New York cocktail dresses in my closet. Especially because my sister also needed a dress to wear.  TT New York’s dresses are so versatile, they work for both of us even though we have completely different ideas on what fashion should be. We both chose dresses that were from TT New York’s NikiBiki collection. As women we are constantly shopping even when we don’t have an occasion coming up. I don’t know how many times I have purchased a dress telling myself I will wear it somewhere just to have it sit in the closet, well it is crisis’s like this that make me happy I bought those dresses! If you make sure that you always have a spare dress in your closet for spur of the moment occasions like this, you will never have to stress out about what to wear last minute. If you have a simple LBD but want to make it look like you’ve never worn it before, follow rule #2 to complete a whole new look!

Rule #2 Always have Go-To statement accessories that can be added to any look.

Since my sister and I have opposite tastes in fashion she grabbed one of my favorite versatile LBD’s and added her own accessories completely changing the look! Thank goodness for TT’s classic styles!! Having a simple black cocktail dress that you can accessorize to make your own is always a great way to rock a new look every single time you wear it. I love to pair a LBD with chunky necklaces in fun colors like fuchsia or turquoise to make it more unique. Or you could style a bright colored or printed purse and matching pumps if you aren’t into accessorizing with jewelry. Throw on a black leather jacket, blazer or a trendy pea coat to seal the deal! If you want to play it safe, nude heels and a simple gold purse are always a great go-to idea. Remember, accessories are a girls best friend!


Crisis adverted!  Invest in your fashion future and you will never have nothing to wear!  If you don’t currently have a go-to dress in your closet or a favorite accessory for emergencies stop into TT New York today and let us help you!

Prom Shopping Stress Free

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It’s that wonderful time of the year again, prom season. From February to late June, high school girls are going crazy over making sure their junior or senior prom is perfect in every single way. They will spend weeks or months making sure they have the perfect dress, the best hair do, the prettiest makeup and of course the best looking date. I guess you could say it is the second most stressful day of a young girls life, first being their wedding day. They need to make sure everything is perfect, and I have to say, it is extremely stressful to plan a night together with all your friends. Who’s house are pictures going to be done at? Are you going to rent a limo bus? Where do you go after prom? And being typical teenagers, plans are always changing from one minute to the next.

Before I began working as the Marketing Assistant for TT New York, I was a sales associate at one of their locations and by far all of the staff’s favorite time of the year was prom season. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have TT New York during both my proms, I probably would have thrown a fit and decided not to go due to the stress. Shopping there made everything so simple for me, I knew what was the “it” look for the year because TT is always up to date on the latest trends, and I loved the fact no one could have the same dress as me because of the event tracking. For junior prom I bought two prom dresses, yes two. The first one was more simple and I loved it until we got a brand new shipment in with a cut out leopard printed dress in it, and it was love at first sight, so yes I bought that leopard dress the day before prom as well as all of my jewelry. But I couldn’t help myself, looking at all those gorgeous dresses week after week, I just needed that dress, and it is still hanging in my closet because it was so beautiful. Senior year I was way more prepared and made sure to buy my dress with time to spare. The fact I could purchase my dress and get it altered at right at TT New York saved me a big headache. I didn’t have to go out searching for a tailor because each store had one seamstress on site every day. I could easily match up my dress to shoes and jewelry because TT offers such a wide variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, it is truly a one stop shop.


When I went to prom, most girls wore full length gowns that were patterned and beaded, but over the past few years there has been a huge demand for short prom dresses. Now we carry everything from short poofy prom dresses, to tight fitted ones with beautiful open backs. Walking into TT New York you will see new styles that you didn’t know existed. I remember when we got a shipment of high-low dresses and all I could think about was how creative and gorgeous they were, and boy did they sell out quickly. With new changes to dresses there will always be styles that remain the same. Princess ball gowns, mermaid cuts, and the popular empire waisted gown are some of the constant favorites throughout the years. Every year brings some sort of change from either the material or the design, but no matter what there will always be the perfect dress out there for every girl.


The best thing about high school, besides graduation, is getting to spend a night dressed up with all of your friends where you sing and dance all night long. It is the last major event you will have with your friends before everyone goes off to college and begins their future, so enjoy it to the fullest! (the pictures on the bottom is from my senior and junior prom!)



How to Stay Fashionable in the Winter

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Even though the snow is falling and it is slushy and gloomy outside, you can still dress fashionable and comfortable with the low temperatures. I am always looking for ways I can keep my outfits up to date while still keeping me warm as I am out running errands or at work. Glamour Magazine has a whole section on how to stay fashionable in the winter, so here are a few looks!

One look that is very professional as well as an everyday look is to layer a simple button up shirt under a cashmere sweater. Pair the layers with a pair of black dress pants and heels and you’re ready for the office, or style the look with some jeans and you are ready for dinner or just for running around. A look that I love is bright colored coats; it adds a touch of color to make a simple outfit more extravagant. Even if it is winter, a beautiful royal blue or coral colored pea-coat would turn heads instead of the typical black or grey color. Wear it over a dress while you’re enjoying a night out or just over some leggings for a more casual look.

Another great look, that can also be paired with a pea-coat, is knee high boots or boots that hit just below the knee. They are a great everyday look that you can wear for any occasion. If you’re like me and normally only wear skinny jeans, theses boots are the perfect shoe to wear. They keep you warm and you can easily layer leg warmers under them if they are baggier on your thigh. A good pair of leather boots will last you throughout the winter and they are also perfect for fall weather too. If you have a fancy dinner to go out to and decide to get a little daring, a knit dress is another style must-have. Wear black tights and booty heels to turn the dress into a night time outfit or just a scarf and leather boots to make the look more winter friendly.

The last look, which I do about every day in the winter, is to accessorize with printed or colored scarfs. I just love them! If you’re wearing jeans and a plain shirt, throw on a funky scarf or a bright color. Not only are the fashionable, but they keep you warm! The knitted ones are especially my favorite and you can wear them with basically any look. Pair a leopard scarf with a little black dress and a red lipstick and you just created a fun and flirty look. Though all this nasty weather makes everyone want to bundle up in blankets and not move from our warm houses, there are ways to make sure you stay warm and fashionable during the flurries!

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(Weblink to Glamour article:

The Most Wearable Trends of 2013

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While 2013 slowly comes to a close, I wanted to recap some of the top trends we have witnessed this year. Some trends made a comeback while others just began and I am excited to see if they will continue into the New Year. Glamour Magazine did an article, written by Megan Gustashaw, of the “Spring 2013’s Most Wearble Fashion Trends” but I decided I would write about the top 5 to keep this blog short and simple. The first look the article says was a hit for 2013 was the Bermuda shorts, which run longer than normal shorts and hit just above the knee. Though Bermuda shorts were always a big hit for males, it appears that woman became bold and started rocking them both on the runway and on the streets. They are both comfortable and fashionable, pair it with a simply t-shirt to dress it down or a florescent blouse and heels to dress it up.


The second look Glamour recognized was the color black and white, every woman’s favorite color mixture. They called the colors combination “appropriate to wear year-round” and the facts are obvious. Black has always been the go-to color because it makes woman feel skinner, but add some white into the mix and it makes a normally dull black piece of clothing into something classy and fashionable. The combination has continued to remain one of the top trends for the past years and will probably be around for many more to come.bb410e46ed24d24ba60023e90d4517a4

One of the looks that have had a huge impact on fashion this year, which is also the third top trend of 2013, is peekaboo pieces. Anywhere you go to shop these statement pieces are hanging everywhere. From mesh cleavage to cut outs on the sides and back, this is a piece I can defiantly see in the New Year. Most little black dresses this New Year’s Eve will probably be sporting some sort of peekaboo.

The fourth top trend is something that has been around for generations and probably will remain for many more to come, statement sunglasses. Who can forget the black cat like sunglasses from the 60’s? As the years progress, the sunglasses get bigger and bolder. There are some with chunky gold chains hanging off them, or a funky design with bright colors. They are a fun accessory to make a simple outfit more vibrant! Add a bright pair of colored sunglasses to a plain outfit and it will give you that edgy look.

Lastly, the fifth trend that everyone is familiar with is bold stripes. Both men and woman are rocking the stripes for sweaters to full suits. In plain black and white, and now in bold colors also paired with black. You can wear stripes for any profession and for everyday casual wear. Check your closet and you probably have more than one stripped article of clothing. It’s a trend people love and continue to keep alive. From vertical stripes or horizontal, you can guarantee this trend will be around as long as fashion is. Knowing how many trends stuck around through 2013, I am excited to see if they will survive 2014 and also I can’t wait to see what new fashion trends the year has to offer everyone. If you want to see the other 5 trends I didn’t touch base on, check out Glamour Fashion on their website!

(weblink to Glamour article:

The Beginning Of My Love For Fashion

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To introduce myself, my name is Nicole, and though I don’t consider myself a fashion guru, I have a lot of firsthand experience in the world of fashion. I have worked in retail since I was sixteen years old and now I am currently almost twenty-one. The past five years have taught me what goes into retail, everything I need to know about fashion shows and more. I want to tell you my story of how I got to where I am in the industry and share with you all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had in my five years.


When you think about your first job, I bet most of you don’t imagine being there almost five years later. Well in my case, when I was offered my first job I thought it would last me through high school and then I would move on to something different. That wasn’t the case. In 2009, as a junior in high school, I started my first job at TT New York as a model. It was the dream job, surrounding myself with beautiful dresses every day. Not to mention my job was standing outside of the store in a gorgeous prom dress saying hello to everyone walking by. What teenage girl wouldn’t love that job?!

Fast forward a couple months and I got promoted to work inside the store as a sales associate. It was a big deal for me, considering most of my friends at the time either didn’t have a job, or worked in fast food like normal 16 year olds. But not me, I had higher expectations for myself. For the remainder of high school, I worked at TT New York selling dresses to everyone from prom girls to mother of the brides. Right after graduation, I again got promoted to key holder, which meant I was allowed to open and close the store. I loved receiving more responsibility. When most people rush off to college after graduation, I decided to hold back a year. But I didn’t sit home and do nothing in that time. I picked up more hours at work and eventually started working at multiple locations for TT New York. Seeing myself make hard earned money became addicting and I wanted more. Any extra shifts I would snatch up and I never called off. I love to consume myself in my work, and I loved knowing I was succeeding. Now it is almost 2014 and I am currently the Marketing Assistant in the Corporate Office as well as the manager at one of our locations. The things I have accomplished while working for TT New York made me the person I am today. I am extremely driven and don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. Since I graduated high school, I have been working full time every week. If I have less than five days of work a week, I don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe I am stretching the truth a little bit, of course I love having days off to spend with my friends and to go on vacation, who doesn’t! I can only see myself growing as the years go on, and I am excited to see where I will be in a year from now. The opportunities I have received in the past four years are beyond my wildest dreams. Most twenty year olds aren’t managing their own store as well as working in the corporate office. In my mind, I have achieved so much more than I ever thought I would working for TT New York. I can say with confidence that working at TT New York has completely changed my life.

I know I don’t work at Vogue, or live in New York City where fashion is everything, but I believe that I can relate to many young females as well as many other people. I am a simple girl fulfilling her dream in the fashion industry and I want to share my experiences and thoughts with you. I hope you enjoy!  xoxo