5 Date Night Hair Styles

Written by Nicole Garrity on . Posted in DIY, How To, Life, Uncategorized

Everyone knows how stressful it is to get ready for a date. What to wear? What makeup? What kind of perfume? What do I do with my hair?

I am here to take the stress out of date night hair styling! Here are 5 of my favorite easy to-do looks for going on a date!! xoxo


  1. Add a braid! Turn an ordinary half-up half-down look into something more by making the pony or strands pulled together into a braid or fishtail. You can even make a high pony-tale into a braided high pony!  The possibilities are endless…..half-up-half-down-fishtal
  2. Make a bow! Take two strands of hair from each side of your head and pull it together into a low or high bun. Take another strand of hair and cut the bun in half to make it look like a bow. Stick the additional strand into your pony holder behind the bow. What a different look! (works better with thinner hair) 26-Bow
  3. Easy to do beach waves! Want to make natural looking beach waves without using a curling iron? After you shower, put either hairspray or gel (specifically a kind used to add curls) in your hair. Put your hair into a low loose bun while you finish getting ready. Right before you go out, take your hair out of the bun and add some more spray to keep the waves nice and tight. beach-waves-hair-45
  4. Rock the straight look! Pin straight hair is always a classic style. Straighten your hair with a flat iron to keep it straight all night long. (I recommend using heat spray before you use the iron to keep your hair healthy looking and feeling)tumblr_n3u9eekDCF1rfwfq9o1_1280
  5. Sock buns are fun! Pull your hair into a sock bun for an easy to do style that looks elegant and classy. You can either cut a sock or buy a kit from any local hair salon. (This style is tricky for people with thick hair, but not impossible to master!)f0ba60057e21a43d134e81b5d9079e29