10 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Written by Nicole Garrity on . Posted in DIY, How To, Life, Uncategorized

As women, we all have our tricks when it comes to daily beauty routines.  Some may be odd while others are very commonly known.  We can all agree on one thing though, there is always room for new tricks to make ourselves look better!  Here are my Top 10 beauty secrets that you will want to try immediately!!  Maybe you already know some of them, and the others you can just add to your list! xoxo


1. Hand Sanitizer can be used to combat a shiny face. It smooths like a primer and provides a protective coat locking in moisture which creates the shine on your face. Use it along your hair line and forehead.


2. Chapstick on your nose keeps it from drying out! It moisturizes the skin right around your nose and provides instant relief. You can also rub some inside your nose when it’s dry, sore or just uncomfortable.  Just make sure you use a separate stick for your nose and lips!


3. Dab a bit of Greek Yogurt on a pimple and let it dry (takes about 20 minutes) before rinsing off with warm water to reduce inflammation and redness quickly.  The lactic acid helps unclog pores and breakdown dead skin cells,  the probiotics help to balance bacteria and the fat helps to moisturize.  Tasty and useful!

greek yogurt

4.  Have a burn from a hair iron? Use raw honey instead of ice. A thick layer will instantly cut the sting while also providing antibacterial protection to keep the skin hydrated.


5.   Add 2 crushed aspirin to your favorite shampoo to turn it into a dandruff-blasting product.  The salicylic acid from the pills break down dead skin cells and product buildup.


       6.  To exfoliate dry feet add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to 1/2 cups of coconut oilMix and then apply this to the feet in a circular                   motion. No one likes dry feet!

sugar and oil

7.  Use cool cucumbers under or over the eyelids to decrease puffiness and inflammation. Tea bags work well also!

cucumber                  tea bags

8.  A toothbrush is one of the best tools!  Use it to exfoliate your lips by making small, circular motions.  A clean toothbrush can also be                  one of the best tools for de-clumping mascara.


9.  Want a longer lasting blowout?  Squeeze a small amount of fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball and dab at the root area to absorb any                     excess oils while leaving your hair with a delightful scent. Yum!


    10.  Swish coconut oil in your clean mouth first thing in the morning for around 20 minutes for super white teeth and to rid teeth of cavities!

coconut oil